Ordinate helps exhibitors manage their meetings and hospitality spaces efficiently.

When your business relies on making a good first impression, you need to know that the right people are in the right place every time.

Ordinate delivers the right solutions for your event hospitality space.

Using our sophisticated tools to manage your guests, your staff and the spaces they need, Ordinate gives you the control and insight to enhance the value and opportunity of your event and create that crucial first impression.


Ordinate organises your invite lists and meeting spaces allowing your customers the comfort and care they expect whilst giving your team all the information they need to run the spaces efficiently.

In addition, Ordinate has plenty of add-on features to assist with security, logistics, transportation, marketing and much more.

Our team works in partnership with you to deliver the right solution for your requirements. From an online tool to a fully bespoke solution with onsite support, Ordinate guides you through the process to ensure you have that all-important information when you need it. You can see how your business meets its potential!

Want to know more about boosting your event success? Contact Ordinate to find out more about our software and services.

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