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Oceandiva London, a revolutionary co2 neutral event venue on the river Thames will be the hottest new opening in the UK for 2023. With sustainability at its core, Oceandiva London will be Smart Group’s exemplary new venue set to make an example for sustainable events across the world. 

The architecture and design of the vessel allows guests on board to experience the City, connecting guests to London’s world-renowned landmarks. Whether moored or sailing, the internal height of the vessel allows for huge production values and the exterior space gives guests a unique opportunity to view London through its main artery.

The ship will be catered by London’s leading caterer, Moving Venue, Smart Group’s own catering brand, which has a 38-year history and counting, who are longstanding catering partners at over 50 unique venues including Historic Royal Palaces and the Natural History Museum.

Moving Venue will work in partnership with luxury catering company Last Supper, who were recently acquired by Smart Group, who boast an enviable portfolio of clients such as Gucci, Breitling, Sotheby’s and Mont Blanc, alongside a variety of private clientele.

Greg Lawson, CEO, Smart Group commented: ‘We are excited to bring a spectacular and stylish new events venue to London, one that raises the bar for luxury venues on the Thames in terms of its quality and sustainability credentials. Oceandiva London will provide an entirely unique alternative for discerning delegates and private party organisers. Our unique position as leaders in venue ownership, event management and catering services make Smart Group the ideal operators of Oceandiva London.’

Working with industry body Isla, and leveraging technology, Oceandiva London will be able to determine where any carbon emission reductions can be made across the lifecycle of an event; from sourcing, energy used, food and beverage choices made to audience travel and everything else in between. By tracking and measuring right from the planning stage through to event execution, they are able to effectively reduce their carbon footprint for each and every event held aboard.

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