MixerSeater is a networking events seating generator available on-line.

Repeatedly break attendees into groups. Switch tables to meet everyone else with the lowest possible number of duplicate meetings. Try group-based or one-on-one speed networking framework.

Possible scenarios:

– Let each buyer meet every supplier
– Make sure everyone visits each topic-related table exactly once
– Meet everyone else avoiding your competitors
– Other speed networking formats


How does it work?

– Import your attendee list from a file or add them manually
– Change your participants areas of interest or industries they represent for better matching
– Set the number of chairs, tables and sessions
– Generate the seating chart
– Send the seating chart to your guests mobile phones or export it to Excel
– Enjoy your speed networking event!

Contact Details:

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02-507 Warsaw, Poland

+48 22 898 31 45

Office opening hours: Mo-Fri 9:00-18:00 CET

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