Loquiz is a company providing a game creation platform in B2B in which you can gamify some business processes and events. For over 10 years, Loquiz has been offering businesses the possibility to create their own games without the need for technical skills. The games created on the Loquiz creator, are made for the needs of a variety of sectors: tourism, events, education, HR.

After subscribing to the Loquiz platform, you will be able to create a wonderful game by personalizing a template or by creating your own full game from the scratch. You will have the opportunity to access plenty of turnkey game templates ready to be used by you, rather you want to create a quiz for your new employees or a scavenger hunt that none of your coworkers will never forget.

We have over 20 ready games used by event companies around the world that you can start running within a day: Green Steps, Waiting Game, Connections, Scavenger hunt, Photo Hunt, Running Man among others! Loquiz will be your best friend for your business to build corporate team-building activities, real-world, virtual, and hybrid original corporate events.

Today, there are more than 250,000 players yearly who have fun playing the more than 20,000 games created on the platform in more than 45 countries around the world.

To have more information about the Loquiz platform, start the trial on Loquiz website. You will find a lot of tips and tricks to create your own unique game ideas, some webinars about the best practices about gamification of events, and a variety of articles about case studies from event companies around the world.

Join Loquiz today to create your next amazing corporate event game!

Contact Details:

Saaz Malik, Head of Sales
Tel: +372  5688 8998 / saaz@loquiz.com


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