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Green Goblet, the UK’s largest supplier of branded reusable cups to festivals/events across the UK to help them stop using single-use plastic cups, which have become one of the biggest pollutants in the world!

Since 2012, we have stopped hundreds of thousands of tonnes of disposable plastic cups going into landfill where it takes hundred of years to decompose!

We offer different solutions to suit each organisation and locations needs, so that we can help make their change over to reusable cups as smooth as possible. This involves helping them with the design of their branded reusable cups, to assisting and advising them with their publicity of the reusable cup scheme, before and during their events. This educates the festival-goer to the importance of not using single-use cups/single-use plastic, as well as informing them of the difference each person can make to a greener festival/environment.

The customers we have supplied have been amazed at the difference this has made to their event. Not only have their sites been amazingly cleaner – saving them money on clean up costs and the cost of disposing the rubbish, but they have managed to cut their carbon footprint significantly helping them to become Greener.

All our cups can be used time and time again as they are fully dishwasher proof, and when they come to the end of their lives, they are recycled into other recyclable products.

All our cups are washed and handled to the highest specification making them 100% Covid-19 free – totally safe to use.

We have many options available from renting the cups to a service contract or simply buying the cups. #Refill not Landfill

Contact Details:

Unit 1A Walrow Industrial Estate
Commerce Way

01278 238390

Description – Supplier of Reusable Branded Cups

Key Phases – Refill not landfill. 

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