Events connect people at the right time with relevant information and opportunities. Are you an event creator, building a user community that is passionate but demanding? FLOOR is a virtual space for you. 

FLOOR is an online venue custom built for your event community to live and grow. You can equip this space with magical tools to drive on your awesome vision: From delivering amazing content with advanced conferencing to driving engagement with networking lounges, breakout rooms, and even hosting a special cocktail party. You can also run parallel buyer-seller meets in dedicated booths to make your community come to life or simulcast to social channels. 

While building your amazing FLOOR Space, lets not forget about monetization. We allow you to sell tickets and exhibitor space. You can showcase sponsors with dynamic session tickers or brand networking tables with logos and tags. Additionally, you can have your own ad network, where you play sponsor videos before sessions, show welcome banners or have the logos prominently placed in session window. There are over 100 unique ideas your dedicated FLOORMATE, client success team, will help you implement and monetize.

Dont care about monetization? Well, FLOOR can be customized. You can choose your domain name, use fun & interactive 3D design layouts, choose between light & dark themes and brand the FLOOR with your company identity. We provide the most extensive set of solutions to meet the needs to every event, no matter how complex. 


Once you FLOOR is ready, you can invite participants with emailers or a custom event website. Use our smart registration form to drive conversion and even promote it digitally via our affiliate partners. After launching your event on FLOOR, track every action, every beat. Get advance analytics on action during your event and catapult user experience to greater heights with data. 

It’s easy to get started and build on FLOOR, an all-in-one space where your event, both virtual and hybrid, can live and grow. 


Contact Details:

Supriya Chandra, supriya@10times.com , +91 9886529665 , +1 463 221 4176