Does the thought of organising a conference or corporate meeting for your company leave you in a cold sweat? Relax! We can take the bother of the event off your shoulders! Jigsaw Conferences, an event planning and organising company with years of experience, offers free venue finder service and helps in booking venues for events in the UK and other countries. 

Find your Venue…

Our service is completely free for you to use. No fees whatsoever!

We will find a suitable venue; see that it is equipped with whatever you need for the event, and even book accommodations for the participants. The best part is it will not cost you anything! We are a free hire space service and collect our charges from the owners of the conference venue or hotel that we book for you. Our clients do not have to pay us anything! We can help you put together any meeting or corporate event, big or small, to your satisfaction. You can focus on the major issues, such as the content of the event, and leave all the details of the venue to us.

When you avail of our free venue finding service, we initially discuss the event and your requirements in detail with you. The next step is to short list a number of suitable venues from which you could select and to block the space till you take a decision. We can make appointments for you to meet the key persons at the venue, so all your queries are answered directly. We will even extend the search in case you are not satisfied with what we have short listed for you. 


We have arrangements with hotels near major conference venues that will provide accommodations at discounted rates. We can book rooms for all or some of the delegates. Our dedicated booking team is experienced in negotiating group bookings at hotels, irrespective of the size. Take advantage of our free sourcing, negotiating, and booking service for hotels anywhere in the world. We will be happy to provide rate cards for your meetings and events that give details of room rates and websites of the hotels located at a convenient distance from the event venue. 

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