Exposure Analytics works with brands and agencies to take the guesswork out of evaluating events. We’re market leaders in physical space analytics. Using our unique suite of data collection technology, we can give you key insights into how visitors interact with your event or retail space.

Improving the value of your events or activations

Gone are the days when manually-recorded footfall and anecdotal evidence helped judge the success of an event or activation. We now have the technology at our disposal to use Wi-Fi beacons to measure visitor numbers, visitor flow and dwell time. 

Our sophisticated technology picks up Wi-Fi signals from any device with the Wi-Fi switched on, capturing only its location and device manufacturer – nothing else. Our reporting options provide a range of metrics and footfall analysis, helping clients decide what works – or doesn’t. We’ve got years of technical experience between us at all kinds of events: festivals, conferences, motor shows and activations – indoors or out. 


As well as capturing data, we help you to analyse it so you can make changes for future events, make the case for more budget, or compare various locations. 

Facing the future with a new level of event analysis

Our newest service, Aperture, gives our clients a whole new level of insight into their audience at a stand or event.

Aperture uses face detection software to identify a fascinating range of information about people visiting stands. Camera sensors behind a communications medium can pick up the attention and dwell time from individual visitors. Such is the power of the system, it can tell a person’s gender and age in 96 out of 100 visitors and can even pick up their sentiment. All this of course without gathering any personally identifiable information. 

Stop Guessing and Start Measuring with Exposure Analytics.

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