Why ET?

Hi there! Are you planning an upcoming event? Regardless of whether you’re planning a small private auction or a major corporate conference, you’ve come to the right place!

EventTitans is the preferred hybrid events management platform for all event types and sizes. EventTitans offers a bountiful selection of features sure to fulfill all your needs and exceed your expectations. What makes the platform even greater, on top of its comprehensive and advanced features, is that it is free for users.


EventTitans was born from the brilliant mind of Siva Vangala. The founder of EventTitans has been an attendee, sponsor, and organizer for many events, and from these many experiences, he discerned a major problem in the event industry. He perceived that many steps in the event planning and executing stages were unnecessarily manual and time-consuming. He thought that many of these steps could be automated to save organizers time and money.

So, he created EventTitans. The platform accelerates the event planning process by automating and streamlining many steps, making the process more efficient.

Fantastic Features

Curious to learn more? EventTitans allows for auto-onboarding of speakers and sponsors, supports automated marketing, and tracks data analytics for you to review after the event. The platform covers many additional areas for you as well.

But EventTitans has grown to do so much more in addition to automation. There are also many features available for organizers to make their events more interactive and engaging. This includes advanced features for networking and gamification.

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