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Eventact is event management software for international events, academic conferences, and corporate events.

Eventact integrates event registration, accommodation, abstract management, website, exhibitors, hybrid event platform, 1:1 meeting, and badge printing in one package for ultimate efficiency

Included features

Online Events
Enable participants to join the event remotely. View lectures, react, ask questions, and network.

Manage attendees lists, Register attendees, RSVP, sell tickets. Process credit cards and other payments.

Event Website
Create a dynamic event website for marketing and for updates before, during, and after the event.

Event App
Make your event more interacive for remote and in-person particpants with live view, polls live q&a and updated information.

Agenda Management
Build and manage event agendas, lectures, lecture abstracts and speakers.

Exhibitors Lead Retrieval
App that helps sponsors and exhibitors collect leads efficiently.

Event Check-in
Check-in attendees to live events. Print name tags. Register new attendees on-site.

Meetings & Networking
Facilitate and schedule on-site and online attendees meetings during the event

Abstract Management
Manage abstracts, posters, panels, reviews and the event program.

Session Tracking
Control access to sessions. Track session attendance for anstics or for CME/CE certificates.

Travel and Accommodation
Manage attendee booking of hotels, flights and other add-on services.

Event CRM
Create marketing power and enable marketing automation.

Business conferences

  •  Interactive lectures and screen sharing
  •  Play recorded lectures live
  •  Live polls
  •  Virtual exhibition
  •  Multiple halls and breakout rooms
  •  Online B2B meetings
  •  Ticket based access control
  •  Moderated video and chats
  •  Create leads for exhibitors and sponsors

Virutal Event 1

Scientific conferences

  •  Hybrid and virtual acadamic events
  •  Multiple virtual halls for multi-track events
  •  Online workshops
  •  Abstract management and program builder
  •  Online e-Posters
  •  VOD library
Virutal Medical Event

Workshops & Seminars

  •  Golden ring experience for remote participants
  •  High-quality video and audio
  •  Focus the event on the performer
  •  Live interaction with remote paticpants
  •  Ticket-based access control
  •  VOD and private rooms
  •  Opportunities for additional revenues
Virutal Event 1

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