Event Cadence


Imagine your dream event experience; then bring it to life with Cadence – the all-in-one platform for virtual, in-person and hybrid events.

  • One platform for all of your events – Create a rhythm to your events with a consistent attendee experience throughout the year on web, mobile and tablet
  • Events of any size, any type – Handpick from 20+ features to build your ideal experience whether you’re expecting 100 or 10,000 attendees
  • New friendships and business connections – Connect your audience through 1:1 video chats, scheduled meetings, breakout rooms, and spaces for conversation, based on mutual interests
  • High-end branding options – Make it feel like your brand by customizing every area of the platform, including the login screen and email communications.

Apart from its clean design and white-glove support, the feature that sets Cadence apart is its in-house meeting and presentation platform, Symphony. No matter what session format you’re planning, you can use Symphony to:

  • Run the show mixing live & pre-recorded content
  • Embed high production broadcasts
  • Embed collaboration, gamification and networking into a Symphony
  • Foster true conversation through emotions, GIFs and images
  • Seamlessly manage breakout rooms
  • Promote attendees & groups on and off stage
  • Highlight upvoted questions from the audience
  • Capture Notes for reference post event

While most event platforms are for one-off events, Cadence is a platform for all events throughout the year—and the year after that. Organizations can have their branding, templates, attendees, speakers, customers, companies, materials, surveys and events at the account level. Cadence serves as an extension of your organization by integrating with your event registration, calendar, white-labeled apps, custom URLs, marketing automation and CRM systems.

You can create a rhythm—an event cadence (see what we did there?)—no matter how many events you host a year. 


Whether your upcoming event is a large yearly conference or a small monthly workshop, book a personalized demo to see how you can use Cadence.

P.S. Cadence thinks event planners and agencies deserve a piece of the pie too, you’ll get a 10% referral bonus for bringing the event experience to your clients that they’ve been looking for.

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