Entegy: Self-managed, all-in-one platform


Entegy is an intuitive and easy-to-use events management, communication, and engagement platform, designed specifically for business events. The platform allows anyone to create and manage the entire event lifecycle from a single system.

Offering a range of feature sets, Entegy can cater to events of all types and sizes. Feature sets include:

  • Registration
    • Session registration with capacities
    • Free and paid tickets
    • Stripe integration
    • Group attendee registration
    • Unlimited cascading fields
    • Custom domain
  • Website
    • Navigation and content wizards
    • Built from shared project content
    • Auto-generate SSL certificates
    • Custom domain
  • Apps
    • Event App
      • Interactive sessions
      • Leaderboard & gamification
      • Live attendee list
      • Activity feed with comments + likes
    • Meetings management
    • Lead capture
    • Attendance tracking
    • Floor plans with wayfinding
  • Communication
    • Bulk and auto-generated Emails
    • Push notifications
    • Direct & group chat
  • Badges
    • Kiosks manager
    • Onsite printing
    • In-app & digital badges

Central to the ease of running an event with Entegy, is a single set of live profiles and content powering all applications and functions. A new attendee has registered onsite? No problem! Instantly, you can print a badge, send emails, allow app access and engage with lead generation. A speaker has pulled out? No problem! A single change can update the website and event app. You get the picture.

For organisers wanting to take their event to the next level, Entegy also has its extensive partner network to leverage. These partners are professionals at supporting and providing additional services on top of the platform and range from hardware suppliers (check-in kiosks and printing solutions), onsite support, project management and design services.

If you’d like to find out more, contact the Entegy team at hello@entegy.com.au or visit their website entegy.events

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