CrowdLED loves a good party. But too often, it seems folks visiting an event are often just that: visitors. And that is a loss for both the organizers and party people alike. A crowd that seamlessly becomes part of the stage, immersed in an unforgettable lightshow – that’s our vision. Since our founding in 2013 we have grown spectacularly. Starting off in a student dorm room in a quaint Dutch college town, we now manage a network of warehouses and production facilities around the globe. Our patented, innovative technology can be customized to exactly suit your needs. Our product design is unique and can help bring your event to the next level.

How it works ?

All CrowdLED’s remote controlled LED wristbands and other products have a built-in radio signal receiver. You only need one CrowdLED DMX Base Station to control thousands of units to light up in any color or pattern. their Base Station is the size of a shoebox and works with the industry standard DMX protocol. It allows you to control the bracelets together with the rest of the show’s lighting, giving you the power to create a unique and unforgettable experience for your guests. They can deliver a turnkey performance, or you take charge with their plug-and-play feature.

Light show

That unifying, overwhelming feeling when everyone around you in the stadium is wearing the colors of your squad… Pretty amazing, right? Now imagine how it would be if you could control when those colors light up, in any color imaginable. The crowd as your canvas, with the flick of a switch. With CrowdLED’s LED wristbands and lanyards your crowd becomes part of the light show, turning them from spectators to participants. Color waves, crowd interaction, and other visually stunning effects are at your fingertips. Turn your audience into an art piece and have them craving for more.

Contact Details:

NL (HQ) – +31 30 8785 813
US – +1 (718) 569-8134
UK – +44 20 3286 5813

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