Conference Compass develops a customizable, all-inclusive, intuitive event platform engaging your live and online attendees as one community.

Conference Compass develops powerful association and event apps that serve events building and engaging their community as one. If you run a large event, with multiple sessions, each having a host, a line-up of speakers, and an audience, you need a flawless experience for everyone involved. Whether you run a fully virtual or hybrid event, our Virtual Event Platform will unify and engage your community as one.

We continuously adapt our app to serve your events in the future. We offer a sustainable solution to pivot to virtual, by expanding our mobile platform into a virtual meeting platform. Our web app serves as the prime interface while the mobile app connects you continuously with your audience. Our #OneCommunity Virtual Event Platform offers immense value to all stakeholders involved in your event.

Compared to many off-the-shelf solutions, it offers a number of clear benefits:
– It’s cloud-based: directly from the browser, without the need to install any software;
– It’s fully integrated with our event and society app platform and easy to use, offering a complete user-experience for attendees, speakers, and organizers;
– And it provides access for attendees on any device, from a full-screen web application on your laptop or desktop computer to a native mobile app, for smartphones and tablets.


Our event apps have enabled associations and meeting planners for many years to captivate their online and live audiences and turn them into active communities.”

Contact details:

Binckhorstlaan 36 – Unit M2.18,
2516 BE Den Haag
The Netherlands

+31 85 130 78 78

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