Central Medical Services


Central Medical Services provides professional medical support at events, festivals etc every year. This ranges from one day events through to full scale multiple day events with overnight camping.

For your larger events, our medical team can set up and operate complete medical facilities staffed by A&E doctors and advanced practitioners, integrating into a multidiscipline established team. We have aligned standards of care and scopes of practice that allow the team to safely treat more patients on site than other event medical organisations minimising impact on local NHS services, offering a better service to customers and keep your NHS and planning representatives happy!

Medical Centre teams are supported by staff deployed across the event sites. These event site teams, camp site medical facilities, response teams and cycle first responders and Quad ambulances – used to keep ambulance movement to an absolute minimum (no one likes to see ambulances driving around an event).

Having correctly equipped and staffed paramedic ambulances on site means that the NHS are not called in for any hospital transfers that are required.


Central Medical Services are specialists in medical provision. From a pop-up treatment area to a 30-bed multiple treatment centre with full Resus facilities and specialist services such as Command and Control. Our services begin on the ground with site visits, medical plans and liaising with NHS and SAG representative as an integrated part of your team. We deliver medical services without causing you impact “on the day” . Allowing you to get on with running your event.

As a CQC registered provider we have excellent relationships with many NHS trusts and the trust we have built up over 20 years means pre-event communications with the NHS flow without additional demands and conditions being imposed.

Contact Details:

Unit 2, Park Place,  
Robey Close.
NG15 8AA