Canapii provides unique solutions to manage in-person, hybrid and virtual events. As the only supplier with genuine 24/7 customer service, our global team lives and breathes events, no matter their location or size. Canapii has over 45,000 users and is used by 5000+ companies. By being ahead of the innovation curve, we enable our customers to impress their audiences every step of the way.

Canapii supports video meetings and streams HD quality keynotes across PC browsers and mobile apps. It drives audience engagement through chats, comments, notifications, gamification, live questions, and Fero, its cute chatbot. Automation is core to Canapii. Registration, travel arrangements, personal agendas, and meeting approval systems are all built in the platform.
Canapii sets itself apart from pure-play software providers by providing white-glove service via its experienced events executives, which is why the world’s most prestigious tech companies are customers. 

Conferences, board meetings, webinars, hybrid events, interactive podcasts, press briefings, online training, workshops, you name it. We do it. 
Sorry, we don’t ‘just’ do it… we do it well.

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