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Blendology is changing the way we interact at events. No more missed connections. No more clutter. Blendology lets you keep track of who you meet and when you meet them. Instantly.

This event technology makes it easy to connect with new people. Blendology is the world’s only physical paperless reusable patented badge with built in screen, oneTap covid-safe networking that provides sustainability, security, and tracking. Blendology provides all round benefits for organisers, exhibitors, sponsors and attendees alike.

“We used Blendology for our event at the Norwegian School of Economics and we couldn’t be more pleased. We got more from Blendology than we initially expected, and the feedback was great. Looking at the statistics after the event, all in all this was a great success”. NNH-Symposiet

The technology makes meaningful networking easy by one simple tap of a badge – a great “ice-breaking” tool instantly facilitating conversations. There is an uplift of 30% more networking at events where Blendology technology is deployed. All connections made are easily viewed in real-time on any device using a browser. Event organisers get a smooth badging operation and added value from super useful data in the management interface, exhibitors and sponsors get leads and attendees get instant connections.


Blendology technology & badges has been used at more than 450 global events over the last 5 years, resulting in Net Negative Carbon Emissions and in 2020 was awarded a European Commission ‘Seal of Excellence’.

Contact Details:

Blendology Ltd
Bill Munday

+07960 525 035

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