Benchmark Collective provide sales and customer service support to events of every shape and size. We utilise years of onsite exhibition sales experience to provide a range of affordable resource, coaching and consultancy solutions. 

Our team support, empower and advise sales teams to improve client retention and cash flow through a focus on onsite rebook. Our mission is to support every event, trade or consumer, large or small, to deliver the most effective and appropriate rebook possible for their event and to realise the biggest impact. We set the benchmark for exceptional rebook results.

Customer experience is at the heart of what we do. Our approach to rebook ensures exhibiting clients receive exceptional customer service and that invaluable insight is gathered first-hand to inform your ongoing pipeline and event planning. 

Our range of customer experience focused solutions includes Strategic Customer Experience Projects which provide the opportunity to evaluate end-to-end experiences not just for exhibitors but for every client group, including visitors and delegates. These bespoke projects are built to your needs, providing un-biased, first-hand feedback on key elements of your event and really getting under the skin of the experience of your key client groups to provide invaluable information for your strategic planning. 


Benchmark can support wherever your need is; from a short-term resourcing gap requiring experienced professional sales support, to a strategic review of your rebook or customer experience approach for your exhibitors, visitors or delegates. We are adaptable, experienced professionals that relish a challenge! Give us a call for an initial chat about how we can help +44 (0)7708 126372 or

Contact Details:

Debbie Lee- +44 (0)7708 126 372
Helen Harlow- +44 (0)7904 933 868
Katie Donnelly- +44 (0)7834 281131
Emma Armstrong- +44 (0)7774 884 866