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As America’s largest marquee manufacturer for frame and fabric products, Anchor Industries carries a wide selection of event and commercial marquees for weddings, picnics, street fairs, festivals, and more.

The show stopping Aurora®, marrying the essence of the sailcloth marquee’s appeal with renowned quality and engineering expertise, is a marquee that has really raised the bar and elevated the look of tension marquee. Nautical touches and a characteristic shape are often cited as key elements of the appeal, but the true essence of the allure is the luminous beauty it suffuses into an event by day and radiates to the surroundings by night. Anchor’s sailcloth marquee is made of proprietary laminated vinyl that stays true to form. The result is enhanced protection and security that give a marquee hire company peace of mind and ecstatic clients.

Aurora® is more than a fair-weather marquee thanks to the ability to seal side walls to the marquee top. Our revolutionary, patent-pending WeatherShield™ wall to eave sealing technology, named a 2015 IFAI Innovation Award winner, eliminates the gaps that let in wind and rain. Aurora® sets the stage for luminous beauty and unique protection from the elements.

If you are looking for a quick, easy installation marquee, look no further than the new F3HP. Anchor has merged the beautiful high peak curves from our Century tension marquees and the easy installation from our F3 model making the F3 High Peak the latest and greatest for your tenting needs.

Anchor’s award-winning customer service and the personal attention to detail our team delivers will help position you to grow your business with confidence. 

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Anchor Industries

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