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Ai-Media is your one-stop shop for captioning, transcription and translation solutions. Our original, cutting-edge technology and expert team make us a trusted captioning solutions provider around the world. We provide end-to-end solutions across industries, across platforms, and across languages-tailored to each customer’s unique needs

We provide captioning solutions for every need. Ai-Media can tailor its services to you, no matter what your quality requirement, budget or level of technical knowledge. We are a ‘vertically integrated’ company, meaning we provide hardware, networking and software solutions that cover every step in the captioning process. We get you all the way from source to screen.

Reach a global audience and increase engagement with Ai-Media’s broad range of event solutions. We help organizations unlock the benefits of creating and distributing accessible content – regardless of their audience’s language, disability or access to audio. We do this by providing highly secure and scalable enterprise solutions for captioning, transcription and translation.

Captions not only provide accessibility for events. They catch and hold attendees’ attention for longer, while boosting comprehension and retention. Captions allow attendees to follow your content in a noisy or silent environment. Plus, multilingual captions break down language barriers to expand your audience globally.

Our pioneering, proprietary captioning technologies, paired with the savvy and technical experience of our teams, have made us an industry leader. We use a wide variety of technical solutions to receive audio and ingest captions, and we have the technical tools to embed captions, subtitles or audio onto any video specification.

Ai-Media’s captioning solutions are available in multiple languages. Open your content to new global markets and break down language barriers with our comprehensive range of multilingual solutions-translating from any language, to any language. Our experts can translate, interpret and display in sync on live streams and highly complex set-ups.

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