15Hatfields is London’s most sustainable venue. Nestled in the heart of London’s Southbank, 15Hatfields has been at the forefront of sustainable event management since its doors opened in 2008. Throughout the last decade, 15Hatfields has hosted both public events and private conferences, receiving numerous awards and certifications for its environmentally friendly credentials and attentiveness to every client. The 15Hatfields team pride themselves on their ability to cater for any occasion, and are committed to providing first-class, sustainable events; embracing all the challenges involved in running these events in a way that is mindful of the environment.

From serving locally sourced and organic food to having a reception desk created from fabric conditioner bottles, 15Hatfields has carved a new and unique path in sustainable events, by actively seeking opportunities to reduce unnecessary waste and make a positive contribution to improving the state of our planet.

15Hatfields is one of the pioneering members of the #OneLess campaign, which aims to eliminate the use of single-use plastic water bottles, which are a major contributor to ocean pollution. The venue has now taken this one step further by launching the Make Plastic History campaign, where the intention is to stop using single-use plastic altogether. 15Hatfields is working with suppliers and customers to make this happen, and documenting the challenges in making this shift to becoming plastic-free, in a series of informative case studies. The team hope that this campaign will prompt other venues and suppliers to consider their environmental impact, and what they can do to offer more sustainable choices.

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Warren Campbell
General Manager

020 7827 5920